Canada launches jobs for Latinos without studies with salaries of up to $33 per hour

Canada launches jobs for Latinos without studies with salaries of up to $33 per hour

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If you live in Canada and you are looking for a job ideal where they pay you a good salary, this could be your great opportunity, since through the Canadian Work Bank platform they published three vacancies that are ideal for those who do not have studies, since it is not part of the requirements and this It is a great option for the entire Latin community living in the North American country.

Here we will tell you what options you have as job vacancies in various parts of Canada, so you have a choice based on your job profile, as well as to know if you meet the requirements requested and what tasks and responsibilities you must do and even the benefits that are offered to you. they can grant.

It should be noted that one of the most important things requested on this job platform is that to apply for vacancies you must have permanent or temporary residence in Canada and it is also essential to have a work permit as part of the requirements that are requested and that you can prepare legally.

Job offers in Canada

body repairman

There is a job opening in Verdun, Quebec, for body repairman where it is necessary to have English or French, as well as 5 years of experience and you will have to do some welding tasks, replace components, fix dents, for which you will receive a salary ranging from 22 to 33 Canadian dollars per hour.

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siding installer

There is a vacancy for the position of siding installer In Calgary, Alberta, where the English language and experience of 3 to 5 years are necessary, you must use hand and power tools, know how to interpret plans, drawing maps and in exchange you will obtain a salary of 29.50 Canadian dollars.

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cattle herder

Another vacancy available is for the position of cattle herder in Picture Butte, Alberta, where you must have a minimum of 7 months to a year of experience and work for cattle to handle animals, treat health problems, clean stables and barns, feed them. So you will have a salary of $23 per hour, as well as benefits for your health.

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