Canada launches remote EMPLOYMENT for Latinos with a salary of $1,500 a week

Canada launches remote EMPLOYMENT for Latinos with a salary of $1,500 a week

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If you are looking for a remote work in Canadacheck out the job opening that Diligent Canada Inc. has in Vancouver. In recent days, the company confirmed that it is looking for a ‘Technical Support Specialist’ to support the sales area. For now, the salary is 37.5 Canadian dollars per hour, or 1,500 Canadian dollars per week (about 18,121.08 Mexican pesos.) Below, we show you the requirements for the position you would carry out from the comfort of your home:

Requirements for remote work in Canada that pays $1,500 a week

Diligent Canada Inc. is a company specialized in government software; that is, dedicated to facilitating communication and public administration tasks. So, as a ‘Technical Support Specialist,’ your job would be to provide consulting to customers who contact you. In principle you only need a strong command of English and a good Internet connection, but in addition, there are requirements that cannot be ignored, since they are mandatory for the type of position you will develop:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree (whatever)
  • Desirable experience with Salesforce or any other sales platform
  • At least one reference from previous work
  • Ability to work under pressure on tight deadlines
  • Great attention to detail
  • Focus on customer satisfaction
  • Efficient interpersonal skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication
  • Organized, proactive, creative, and positive

Features of remote work in Canada that pays $1,500 a week

If you feel aligned with the requirementsapply now through Job Bank Canada. It is worth mentioning that this remote work in Canada It offers great additional benefits to the pay of $1,500 per month: commissions, dental plan, life insurance, vision insurance, medical expenses insurance, etc. However, and despite the fact that the work is carried out from the comfort of home; The ideal candidate should be someone very organized and able to work to strict delivery guidelines. The above is requested based on what will make up your daily tasks:

  • Oversee sales and order preparation from start to finish. This to guarantee the correct management of information between suppliers and clients.
  • Promote possible sales to existing customers, knowing their needs and talking to them about the benefits of products that might interest them.
  • Identify and request potential clients who can adapt to the profile of the different segmentations
  • Evaluate the client’s needs and resources, to recommend the most appropriate goods or services
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