Canelo Álvarez fulfills an unusual dream for an influencer by hooking him to the liver (Video) – La Opinion

Canelo Álvarez fulfills an unusual dream for an influencer by hooking him to the liver (Video) – La Opinion

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Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez fulfilled an unusual dream for the Spanish influencer Naim Darrechi, known for being Yeri Mua’s ex-boyfriend, by connecting a hook to the liver during the “No Golf No Life” sporting event held in Mexico.

In a video published on the Spanish social networks, you can see the moment in which Diarrechi He approaches the area where Canelo Álvarez is with a sign who said that his dream was for the Mexican to hit him in that part of his body.

After reading the sign, the undisputed 168-pound champion got up from the table where he was sharing with his family and He connected the hook to the liver that made the Spanish tiktoker retreat from pain after receiving it.

Naim Darrechi – who shares boxing training videos on his social networks – already had challenged Canelo Álvarez to a fight in July 2023 in a video that went viral, but never received a response. After this meeting with the Mexican boxer, the influencer wrote the following: “One day I will have the honor of getting into the ring with you.”

While the tiktoker begins his journey in the sport, the man from Guadalajara He is currently celebrating his victory over Jaime Munguía by unanimous decision of the judges, a historic fight because for the first time two Mexicans competed for the four belts, and it is expected that after this brief break he will begin looking for his next rival for September.

Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez, 33, was able to recover from a bad start and He beat his compatriot Jaime Munguía on the judges’ cards In Las Vegas. The undisputed 168-pound champion has a record of 61 wins (39 by knockout), two losses and two draws in his professional career.

Who is Naim Darrechi?

Naim Alejandro Darrechi is an influencer who has millions of followers on his social networks. The 22-year-old was born in Spain, but has Argentine ancestry, also works as a singer and was a player for Mallorca FC.

On social networks He became known for sharing videos of pranks he played on his teammates In the dressing rooms. In addition, the famous tiktoker is popular for being the ex-boyfriend of the Mexican influencer Yeri Mua and with whom he was involved in several controversies, since according to his own versions there was violence in her relationship.

It should be noted that Diarrechi was canceled a few years ago for revealing in a podcast that He lied to his ex-partners saying he was sterile so he wouldn’t have to use a condom. when having a sexual relationship. This fact generated indignation among his followers and was highly criticized.

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