Canelo Alvarez vs.  Lionel Messi: Who has more money and how much do they own?

Canelo Alvarez vs. Lionel Messi: Who has more money and how much do they own?

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In the midst of the World Cup fever, a great duel arose outside the fields and it was neither more nor less than that of Saúl Álvarez against the Argentine fans, since Canelo threatened Lionel Messi for allegedly throwing and kicking a Mexican shirt , something that he considered a lack of respect.

Although Leo Messi never responded to the attacks that continued on the boxer’s Twitter account, fans from Albiceleste and one or another athlete went for the jugular of the unified heavyweight champion, in which he sDiscussions were put on the table about who of the two was the most important athlete, who had the most followers and, of course, who had the greatest fortune.

If you were left with the doubt on this last point, here we tell you how much the economic power of each one amounts to.

How much money does Canelo Álvarez have?

The Mexican boxer debuted as a professional in 2005 and is one of the most important representatives of this sport worldwide. He is currently at one of the peaks of his career and his fights are very lucrative.

After 17 years as a professional, between lawsuits and sponsorships, Canelo has amassed the not inconsiderable fortune of $180 million dollars, according to the specialized site Celebrity Net Worth.

How much money does Lionel Messi have?

Although he is no longer at the highest point of his career, “La Pulga” became the highest paid soccer player in the world, even, in 2017, he came to earn $177 million dollars a year, that is, almost the fortune that has made the Aztec boxer throughout his professional life.

As Messi continues to be one of the most important figures in football, his fortune continues to grow and is currently calculated at the exorbitant amount of $631 million dollars, according to the site mentioned above.

And the winner is…

In summary, although we will never see them put their gloves on in a ring, if the duel was cheap, we would have a knockout winner, since Messi has 3.5 times more money than the Mexican boxer.

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