Cara Delevingne’s mansion in Los Angeles was destroyed – El Diario NY

Cara Delevingne’s mansion in Los Angeles was destroyed – El Diario NY

The actress and model Cara Delevingne had a big scare last Friday morning, because his mansion in Los Angeles, California, was devastated by a fire.

The local authorities have informed various media that The Los Angeles Fire Department received a call on Friday at 3:57 a.m. in which they were alerted to the flames on the property.

Upon arriving at the place it was possible to identify that The fire started in the back of the house and spread throughout the main two-story housewhich is valued at $7 million dollars.

At 4:29 am, the Los Angeles Police Department was informed of what had happened so that they could evacuate neighboring houses and control the area.

It is currently unknown exactly what caused the fire, but It is presumed that it was generated after an object fell on a power line.

The positive thing is that Delevingne was not on the property. The actress was in England, where she is performing a theatrical season at the Playhouse Theater in London, where she is part of the cast of ‘Cabaret’.

The actress's cats are safe.
The actress’s cats are safe / Photo: Courtesy @caradelevingne.
Credit: Courtesy

However, The actress was extremely worried because her cats were there. Shortly after, she found out that the cats were fine and shared photos of them through Instagram stories.

Before knowing that her cats were okay and seeing them, she shared a photo of her two cats on the same social network, taken another day, and wrote: “My heart is broken today. I can’t believe it. Life can change in the blink of an eye. So value what you have.”

Although there were no lives to mourn after the fire, The 31-year-old actress and model is very sad about how her home turned out. ‘TMZ’ shared a video where Pandora Delevingne, the young woman’s mother, speaks.

Mrs Pandora Delevingne said: “I think she is probably devastated. She had everything in her house. Her whole life.”

Cara Delevingne's mansion was destroyed.
Cara Delevingne’s mansion was destroyed / Photo: Grosby Group.
Credit: Grosby Group

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