Carlitos “the producer” drops Raúl de Molina’s birthday cake

Raul deMolina.

Raul deMolina.

Photo: Frazer Harrison. /Getty Images

Next March 29 Raúl de Molina will celebrate his 62nd birthday. But in El Gordo y la Flaca they wanted to celebrate it earlier and for this reason this Friday they broke the cake on the Univision set. While they sang his happy birthday to him, and Raúl finished blowing out the candles, Carlitos “the producer” pushed the cake: it fell to the floor.

Has Carlitos “the producer” taken revenge on Raúl de Molina for the slap he gave him? The question remains in the air when you see how Carlitos pushes the birthday cake while they sang to Raúl de Molina.

Ah, but surprise, surprise they blew out the candles and the so-called cake slides, but this one was nothing more than a toy car. It seems that they made Raúl believe that his cake was a racing car, but when it fell to the ground, nothing happened. The car kept going and neither the birthday cake nor its lights.

Now, very few believe that between Raúl de Molina and Carlitos “the producer” there is “bad milk”. They collaborate with each other to bring entertainment to the show, making use of jokes. Some will seem heavy, but it seems that everything is under control and they are just that, jokes that aim to make their viewers laugh.

Recently her friend and partner in El Gordo y la Flaca, Lili Estefan, was celebrating her birthday and Raúl left her a unique message that reads as follows: “Happy birthday Lili Estefan, the person I love the most after my wife and daughter . Your joy lights up the world. Congratulations”. Lili’s response was: “Thank you for your unconditional support.”

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