Carlos Calder贸n: “I want my son to say, What a freg贸n my dad is!”

Carlos Calderon.

Carlos Calderon.

Photo: Carlos Calder贸n / Courtesy

This week Carlos Calderon received in 鈥楧espierta Am茅rica鈥 a visit from his fiancee, Vanessa Lyon and his son Le贸n. Cuddled by his companions, the Mexican journalist assured that: 鈥淚 want my son to say, What a freg贸n is my dad!鈥.

Happy, excited, and proud both of the figure that his fianc茅e achieved at 6 months of being a mother, and of her baby, Calder贸n assured that, Although he cannot explain it in words, the birth of Leoncito and seeing him for the first time something changed inside him.

I want him to see me happy doing this, building houses, with his mom, to know that happiness can be achieved鈥淗e said without looking at his baby, who was very entertained looking at Francisca Lachapel.

The surprise came when Her colleagues asked her that question that is usually asked in these cases, 鈥渨hen is the second one?鈥鈥 What they did not imagine was the response they were going to receive from Vanessa.

No, don鈥檛 be scared, he didn鈥檛 say he was already on his way, but she told Carlos that they couldn鈥檛 wait much longer so that Leoncito has a companion or companion in his growth.

Of course, Alan Tacher did not miss the moment to play the prank, whichthat he should hurry because 鈥淵ou鈥檙e already big!鈥鈥 It is that we remember that, although it seems minor, Carlo Calder贸n is 50 years old like Alan, who is ahead of him with 5 children.



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