Carlos Calderón: “You swallow your fears, frustration, anger, you listen, understand and cooperate”

Carlos Calderón: “You swallow your fears, frustration, anger, you listen, understand and cooperate”

Carlos Calderon.

Carlos Calderon.

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“You swallow your fears, frustration, anger, listen, understand and cooperate”… These strong and courageous words were told Carlos Calderon to Mónica Mendoza in her Podcast ‘Mija Talks’which inaugurated that second season, with a talk he had with the Mexican architect and presenter, within the framework of TeletónUSA last year.

At that time, he did not imagine that after a difficult year of confrontations with the mother of his sonwith an ending of reconciliation, A new one was going to follow him with his departure from ‘Despierta América’ and Univision. However, as if he were also applying for this, Calderón spoke to him about how he faces the trials of life..

In ‘Mija Talks’ Carlos Calderón spoke about TeletónUSA, what it means in his lifeHe recalled how he lived it 10 years ago when he started and when he was not yet in “Despierta América”, but was part of “El Gordo y la Flaca”.

The bravest moment of the talk was when Carlos, for the first time, detailed everything he experienced when the lawsuit began with the mother of his children, León, and current partner, Vanessa Lyon.where there was not only separation, but also It bordered on scandal, controversy, mutual accusations in court and a police complaint that ended with the actress being arrested. and with a restraining order.

Carlos Calderón and his fiancee Vanessa Lyón will be parents
Carlos Calderón and his fiancee Vanessa Lyón will be parents. Photo: Wake up America

Months later they decided to reconcile, leave everything in the past, put family first. and blame the legal part for being involved in this. How did peace come?

“It has been one of the craziest and most difficult years. I had a confrontation with life, very difficult to understand and very difficult to carry, but it was also a challenge, I look at problems as challengesand I love chess, it was one of those chess games that you say wow, how did it progress, how do i get out, how do i win. And I think that I moved the chips that I had to move, and now a Christmas is coming that leaves me a year full of teachings of patience, of love, of feeling proud of myself, of family”, Calderón told Mendoza.

Although at the time this Podcast was made Calderón was still part of ‘Despierta América‘, and with Mónica they talked about how they resolved the problem with their partner, without a doubt the philosophy that he shares applies to what he is living now:

Negotiations are: I want this, and the worst thing you can do in a negotiation is not to listen. When you listen, you understand. I am a Buddhist, the first thing they tell you in Buddhism is that for compassion to be activated, you don’t need to understand the problem. So you swallow your fears, you swallow your frustration, you swallow your anger, you listen, you understand and you cooperate.“.

Despierta América on Sunday received the visit of Francisca, Carlos Calderón, Jessi Rodríguez and Chef Yisus
Despierta América en Domingo received the visit of Francisca, Carlos Calderón, Jessi Rodríguez and Chef Yisus.

In the podcast he also explained that “Despierta América” ​​was not the only job he had, that, as many recommend, he has his income “Plan B” and is based on his true profession.n, for which he studied at the university and received: architecture.

I keep building houses and I keep designing little things. I got it, for one. I confess to you that, as an architect, 30 years ago I graduated, they told you to believe that you are an architect you need gray hair. So they’re just coming out. And I said that if I get gray hair I would dedicate myself to television“Calderón told Mónica Mendoza, as if she had guessed what would come in her future or decreed it.

He also talked about the desire to be a father again, and that the reconciliation with Lyon was for him like “a chronicle of love announced”.

Let’s remember that on January 11 Carlos Calderón was separated from ‘Despierta América’ and Univision. Although many still think that It could have to do with the scandal that happened last yearthe truth is that it was a restructuring not only in the morning show, but within the chain in generalhe. In fact, the Sunday version of the program was also cancelled, despite its success.

Why Calderon? His contract ended on January 30 and they decided not to renew italthough it was an important piece in the show, several people who work within the program assured us that Carlos would be the least committedbecause although he did his job, he used to arrive a little later than the rest or when it was time to do his part, he would not always be connected and cooperate with the rest.

The truth is It is something that was not seen on the screen, but its spark and fun. That is why the public has expressed that it misses his presence not only in the 4 hours that the show lasts, but especially leading ‘Sin Rollo’.

Here you can listen to the complete ‘Mija Talks’ Podcast with Calderón.


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