Carlos Villagrán is involved in a controversy for continuing to play ‘Kiko’ at 78

Carlos Villagrán is involved in a controversy for continuing to play ‘Kiko’ at 78


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‘El Chavo del 8’ was a comedy that managed to capture the attention of millions of families, not only in Mexico but also in many other nations. However, it has been more than 40 years since they stopped transmitting it, since many of them have already died while the rest are quite old.

In turn, Carlos Villagrán recently received many negative comments against him because At 78, he continues to play ‘Kiko’ character he brought to life in the aforementioned television series. Many of the fans consider that he never let go of that role that one day crossed his life.

“It’s funny, but not funny with laughter”, “That man is already about 154 years old”, “And he never surpassed the character”, “Is this necessary?”, “Everything has a cycle, I think that already it’s time to rest“,” With this we can realize that the worst enemy is time”, “Luckily he didn’t have a heart attack”, “I think you have to know how to say up to here“, “How important it is to save for old age”, were some of the impressions generated by the audiovisual posted on TikTok.

The criticism was recorded after the actor said present during a circus in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. A user of a well-known social network shared a video where she expressed the joy she felt to see him playing a character that meant so much to her childhood.

However, not many agreed that at his age he continues to do so. In addition, I could see that she is interpreting a step that became a classic in ¡Ah qué Kiko!it was there that he also had the honor of working alongside Ramón Valdés, who in life played Don Ramón in ‘El Chavo del 8’.

There were also comments that assured that he was going through a complex moment and for this reason he felt the need to have to work. Nevertheless, others mentioned that Carlos had enough money to continue living without having to do anythingto which they assured that he only did it because of the important meaning it had for him.

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