Carmen Villalobos dances daringly in a tight sports outfit

Carmen Villalobos dances daringly in a tight sports outfit

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The actress Carmen Villalobos, through her stories on the social network Instagram, shared how happy she feels about the arrival of December and what better way to let her more than 21 million followers know on the platform. that dancing in a quite happy way.

In turn, the Colombian did not miss the opportunity to show those who support her work day after day how good it is for one of the most anticipated months of the year to arrivebecause it is time to eat, dance and enjoy with the closest loved ones as well as some daring changes of look.

As for the transformations, it was only a week ago when the also presenter through her profile showed a step by step of what was the moment in which decided to change the color of her hair for one that he had never had, a fact that ended up surprising many and the vast majority liked it.

“The promise is due and definitely starting the color for us to fill our parties with color is a priority. I want to share my experience to show off WOW hair and a change that looks on the outside and feels refreshing on the inside. Palette was my accomplice, since it motivates us to be the first to fill ourselves with color this Christmas. Start with us so that you are also motivated ”, she wrote in the profile of her camera.

With a daring sports outfit tight to her body, which also always highlights how important it is for her to stay healthy, and in the background with a Christmas tree, he made the determination to put his phone to record while he danced ‘The four parties’musical theme performed by Diomedes Díaz, a recognized singer in the land where she was born.

Villalobos shared the video with a short message that read: “What a delicious December!“.

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