Carmen Villalobos says that she starts 2023 “in love” and Frederik Oldenburg comments on the publication

Carmen Villalobos says that she starts 2023 “in love” and Frederik Oldenburg comments on the publication

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The presenter Carmen Villalobos, through the social network Instagram, mentioned to her more than 21 million followers that this Monday, January 16, is the “official” start of the current year, and with this she hopes to meet all the goals she has in mind. Also, He stressed that he feels in one of his best moments.

For a week it has been rumored that the also well-known Colombian actress would possibly have an affair with the Exatlón USA host, Frederik Oldenburg. So far, no one has wanted to talk about the video where they allegedly kiss each other on the mouth. However, the Venezuelan this Monday decided to comment on the post with several emoticons and one of them was a little face with hearts in its eyes.

Today officially starts my 2023. After a few spectacular days, I’m ready to meet all the goals I’ve set for myself this year! Happier, radiant, fortunate, in love and strong start my year. I hope you also start your year with all the attitude. Happy week to all”, was the message that accompanied the shared photos.

In turn, the comments in the aforementioned publication did not wait, because in a few hours after the photo gallery was published on the camera’s social network, more than a thousand people They have spoken out not only for seeing her pose, but also for the message she posted.

Several of the Internet users stated that she looked “beautiful” in the images that she uploaded to the application and also thus welcome her to the beginning of the week. In addition, the Colombian took part of her time to respond to many of them.

“With all mom”, “Beautiful”, “Bella”, “That’s all girl”, “Every day more beautiful, here we are seeing for the fourth time until the money do us part”, “More radiant? You are always a radiant queen, this year is going to be top”, “Dr. Alejandra, I will serenade you to start 2023 off right“, “Carmencita this is your best year. Good start. You deserve everything in life”, “Radiant, beautiful and with a unique light that illuminates all of us Carmencita!! We love you a thousand”, “Pretty doll in sight”, “Always very beautiful”, “You have it well deserved, my beautiful girl”, “I was left fainting”, were some of the expressions that were recorded in the post.

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