Carmen Villalobos wore a black top and reveals her abdomen and back to show her new tattoo

Carmen Villalobos wore a black top and reveals her abdomen and back to show her new tattoo


The actress Carmen Villalobos last Friday shared in her stories on the social network Instagram that she would get a tattoo. However, she did not offer further details of what she would be or the part of the body that she would have decided to mark for the rest of her life.

In turn, this Saturday he surprised his more than 21 million followers of the aforementioned social network, because shared a gallery of images of the process he had to go through when deciding to mark your skin. Therefore, he stressed that for the job it was a good idea to seek an expert.

The presenter also explained that tattooed the word “gratitude” on the left side of his back and, that he would have done it because that’s how he feels from the moment he opens his eyes until he goes to bed. In addition, he explained that understanding something so simple helps him to continue growing as a person.

“I present to you my new tattoo and @billyvirviescas is in charge of doing it! Billy YOU ARE THE GREATEST! Thank you for your patience, dedication and super energy! I love surrounding myself with people like that! My tattoo says GRATITUDE. It is a word that accompanies me from the moment I wake up until I fall asleep! It is a word that identifies me. I am grateful daily and at all times FOR EVERYTHING! Gratitude will help you continue to grow, ”he began by saying in the publication.

Sebastián Caicedo’s ex-wife wanted to end the publication with a particular message: “When you are truly grateful, life takes care of giving you more IN ALL ASPECTS. My partner in crime @robertvfotografo. post: The tattoo looks red because it’s just done“.

In turn, the comments did not wait because in a few hours he exceeded two thousand and most of them were praise and reflections on the meaning of the word that he now carries on his back.

“You look beautiful”, “I love your new look baby, spectacular”, “Big Billy”, “But what a bomb, Carmen and the tattoo I loved”, “GRATITUDE ours for seeing your light every day“, “The word gratitude is a feeling of appreciation and appreciation for the blessings or benefits we have received”, “Great photos”, “I love that hair color”, “Your tattoo was beautiful”, were some of the expressions recorded in the post.

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