Cartier style: woman tries to buy a Mercedes Benz for 68 thousand pesos

Cartier style: woman tries to buy a Mercedes Benz for 68 thousand pesos

It recently went viral that a young man bought two pairs of Cartier earrings for less than 500 pesos when the real value was almost half a million, this was due to an error by the jewelry store on its website.

Now, a similar case is happening with Mercedes Benzwell the actress Raquel Martínez He shared on his social networks that He is looking to purchase a car of that brand for 68 thousand pesos.

“Last night while browsing cars, this happened to me when I saw a Mercedes Benz, I even have the QR code that keeps me the offer for several months,” he said on his X account.

What did Mercedes Benz say about the “offer”?

Raquel uploaded a video where she visits a Mercedes agency, where they told her that the dealership I couldn’t give him the car at that pricebut that he could look for the plant so that they would respect it.

“Since we are a dealer, we are only sellers of the brand, we cannot give you that price but the brand can,” was what they responded, according to the actress.

Profeco could intervene in the case

The actress also said that the The Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) was already aware of the situationsince even an official account of the organization recommended that he go to a Consumer Defense Office to start a conciliation process.

The user “Lorde Dandy”, who acquired the Cartier earrings After a dispute that included Profeco, he responded online by telling him that he could share “some tips.”

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This provoked various reactions, as occurred in the case of the Cartier earringssince there are those who do not agree with consumers “taking advantage” of low costs on web pages, while other people argue that it is the right of buyers to demand the prices offered by the same brands.

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