Cher’s boyfriend fights with rapper Travis Scott in Cannes – El Diario NY

Cher’s boyfriend fights with rapper Travis Scott in Cannes – El Diario NY

The rapper Travis Scott and the boyfriend of Cher, Alexander Edwardswere involved in a fight, which went viral on social networks thanks to various videos, during a party at the recently completed Cannes Film Festival 2024.

According to the Page Six media, the events occurred at the after party held by the influencer and businessman. Richie Akiva the early morning of last May 24. As revealed so far, the conflict between Scott and Edwards detonated by another action that involved the rapper Tygawho was also at the party.

It was revealed that around 5:00 (local time), Scott and Tygawho have had a feud for years because they both dated the influencer Kylie Jennerwere in the DJ booth, something the host decided to announce through the microphone.

The above would have bothered Scottwho took away the microphone from Akivacausing Edwardsboyfriend of Cher and close friend of TygaI will mention to Travis to calm down.

Travis and Alexander didn’t hold anything back

Following this statement, and thanks to what was reported by Page Six, Travis Scott He became even more upset to the point of threatening to kill the security team. Tyga.

After this action, Alexander Edwards He tried to calm the situation again. However, this only caused him to be pushed by southsidefriend of Scottmaking Edwards will hit Scott.

Travis Scott paid $23.5 million dollars for this mansion.

Before the blow of Edwardswitnesses stated that Alexandertogether with the assistant Tygathey continued hitting Traviswhich caused him to flee the site, along with his friend, towards their vehicles.

After the incident, witnesses at the scene mentioned that Travis He was the main aggressor, in addition to acting neurotic along with his team: “Travis was the aggressor, he and his team were neurotic, erratic and crazy. To be honest, he was there looking for a fight with anyone.”

Likewise, and according to the specialized media TMZ, the brawl caused others present to “get involved.”

Artists were flying everywhere in the melee. “Someone was hit with ice.”


It was also mentioned that before the “escape” of Scott and his team to their vehicles, the security of the place stopped the fight. In the end, it was revealed that Edwards, Tyga and the rest of his friends remained in the place with the intention of continuing enjoying the party.

He Cannes Film Festival 2024 came to an end on May 25, awarding “Anora“, of Sean Bakerwith the Palme d’Or.

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