Chiquibaby has an affective bond with the CEO of her radio project after leaving Telemundo

Chiquibaby has an affective bond with the CEO of her radio project after leaving Telemundo

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On November 18, the world of entertainment suffered a great shock after learning that on the Telemundo channel several people were fired of spaces that brought current affairs to viewers every morning. In turn, one of them was: Rodner Figueroa, Quique Usales and Stephanie Himonidis, better known as ‘Chiquibaby’.

“Let them know that I am fine, that I am calm, that I do have a little pain in my heart, but that I am so, so, so grateful. with the expressions of affection from the people that with that I am going to stay“, he mentioned in his most recent project.

In turn, the Mexican took the opportunity to refer to the salaries paid in the company and assured that other employees earn much more than what she received monthly, while considering that the salary would have had nothing to do with the determination that they took.

There are people who earn less than me on Telemundo, but there are people who earn much more than me and they stayedSo I don’t think it was that. I just think it was someone who didn’t see me on the morning show or on any other show on the network in the entertainment room,” she added.

Despite having lost a large inflow of money after leaving the television channel, the presenter did not lose her job because now that she is more available, she dedicates more time to a job that she started a few months ago.

We have been doing this show for a long time and we are going to continue doing it and even more and we are trying to do it on video so that they can also see us, ”explained Adamari López’s comadre.

‘The Chiquibaby Show’ of which she herself is the executive producer, consists of a podcast-style radio program. In addition, she once put a link on her Facebook account so that her fans could access and download the application in order to enjoy this product.

Also, Gerardo López is more than his sentimental partner, because he plays a great role in the radio program, since he is the CEOa fact that makes him his direct boss.

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