Chiquinquirá Delgado wore a nude dress with chains fitted to her slender figure that highlighted her voluptuous ‘boobies’

Chiquinquirá Delgado wore a nude dress with chains fitted to her slender figure that highlighted her voluptuous ‘boobies’

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The host Chiquinquirá Delgado through her social networks continues to surprise her fans with the content she constantly shares. For this reason, she did not miss the opportunity last Sunday to dazzle with her look for a great occasion that many were waiting for.

Delgado was one of those in charge of conducting ‘Look Who Dances: All Stars’ during this season, a job she did accompanied by Mane De La Parra. For this reason, for the work team, last November 20 undoubtedly became a very special moment, due to the fact that It was the grand finale of the show.

The presenter at 50 years old decided to show off a dress with a nude look, tight to the body and with rhinestones and gray chains that fell around her body. At the same time, her hair had some waves, while part of her hair was collected.

In turn, the comments did not wait in the aforementioned publication that the model posted on her Instagram profile. She undoubtedly surprised the more than five million followers of her that she has on the social network and, in addition, the publication exceeded 75 thousand “likes”.

In addition, there were many impressions that were recorded from Venezuelans, while they mentioned that they should consider it as a “National Heritage” of the nation that saw it grow. In turn, others mentioned that Delgado ends up being a pride of his country wherever he decides to attend.

“Beautifull“”, “Oh how beautiful you are and how beautiful your dress”, “Fashionista and glamor”, God bless you, Chiqui you are very beautiful every day and as a wonderful presenter”, “Spectacular”, “Beautiful, I admire you very much”, “Impressively beautiful”, “Without a doubt, our Chiquinquirá Delgado is the pride of our land“, “Beautifull”, “They should already declare it a national patrimony of Venezuela“”, “Really, this suit is royal”, “My God, how beautiful you look, Chiqui”, “Always impeccable for the pride of Venezuelans”, “You were definitely made by the Gods”, were part of the expressions that were recorded in the mentioned post.

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