Chiquis Rivera shows off her slender figure in black leggings and dances to the rhythm of Elvis Crespo

Chiquis Rivera shows off her slender figure in black leggings and dances to the rhythm of Elvis Crespo

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The singer Chiquis Rivera, through her profile on the social network Instagram, shared with her more than five million followers of the platform, the way in which looking for inspiration to be able to take care of cleaning your kitchen, or else it doesn’t, because you must be listening to music to be able to do it.

The ‘Queen Bee’ covered her hair with a scarf, wore a sweater and leggings that shaped her slender and toned figure, which ended up becoming one of the most commented things in the post. Also, He demonstrated the rhythm that is in his blood with Elvis Crespo and his song ‘Suavemente’.

Without music I don’t clean. Cleaning Sunday ”, was the message that accompanied the funny video that he shared on the profile of one of his social networks.

In turn, the comments on the publication did not wait, because hundreds of people took the time to leave messages on the camera’s social network, and many took the opportunity to refer to housework, well some users also apply the same technique to find more inspiration.

Some Internet users made reference to her slender figure and they believe that Jenni Rivera’s daughter has redone herself some kind of retouching that makes her look much thinner than a few months ago. For this reason, they came to express that it could be a “sleeve”.

However, opinions were somewhat divided because not all of the singer’s followers believe that she herself is in charge of cleaning her home.

“Shake it up”, “Until there, don’t lower it any further. You look amazing like that.” “She looks so different skinny. You look beautiful, well anyway she has always been beautiful. But she looks different ”,“ She looks like another ”,“ She had surgery on her stomach, the end ”,“ How beautiful you are Chiquis ”,“ She is another Chiquis, that sleeve did her goodit looks spectacular”, “Every day more beautiful”, “It’s a lie, you don’t clean”, “There are already two of us, I don’t cook without music, I don’t clean, I don’t do anything”, “Do the rich clean their own house?” , “Does anyone know what she used for her biggest weight loss?”, “You got some work done, you look amazing”, “How did you lose so many pounds? You look very good ”, were some of the expressions that were recorded in the aforementioned post.

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