Chivas on the canvas: What score do they need to overcome América and advance in the Concachampions?  – The opinion

Chivas on the canvas: What score do they need to overcome América and advance in the Concachampions? – The opinion

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This Wednesday America and Chivas They will meet again in the second leg of the round of 16 of the Concacaf Champions Cup. The Eagles have a wide advantage after 3-0 in favor at Akron Stadium and they are the big favorites to advance, while Chivas will seek to get off the canvas and make a splash, therefore, here we tell you how many goals the Guadalajara team needs to advance.

Taking into account that the tiebreaker in the tournament, As established by the Concacaf regulations, is the highest number of away goalsHey, if the tie persists, there will be extra time and then penalties if the score does not move, Chivas would need a 0-3score identical to the one he received in the first leg, to force the extension.

To finish the series in regulation time, Guadalajara needs to win by more than 3 goals. Any score of 4 or more points that gives them victory, would also grant them a place in the quarterfinals immediately. But if they only win by two goals, they would be eliminated.

In the event that América scores a goal, this would not change things for Chivas, since the visiting goals of the rojiblancos at the Azteca Stadium will have greater weight in the event of a tie.

But if Chivas scores 4 goals, things would change for América, since the possibility of extra time would disappear and the azulcremas would be forced to score not only 4 goals, which would give them a global tie, but 5, due to the goals scored by Chivas. visit of the Flock. A 4-4 aggregate would give Chivas the pass for the highest number of goals at the rival’s home.

Due to the great advantage that América has and Chivas’ need to score, a match is expected in which the Guadalajara team will come out to devour their opponent, so those from Coapa would have many spaces to overwhelm and put their rival in danger. through the counterattack, since they have very fast players who are lethal in finishing.

History says that the Chivas miracle is possible

Despite the adverse score of 3-0, history says that Chivas has risen from similar scores, so all is not lost for the rojiblancos; Yes, they will have to work hard, come out with fine aim and not miss in the low zone.

Surely many Chivabrothers remember what happened in the playoffs of the Closing 2023, in the reclassification game against Cruz Azul, in which Chivas lost the first game by a score of 4-1, but managed to win the second leg by the same score. which gave them the overall tie and their best placement in the general table, the pass to the Liguilla.

Speaking of Clásicos against América, the Guadalajara team has hope if we remember that in the semifinal of the 1982-83 season Chivas lost the first leg at the Jalisco Stadium by score of 1-2, but At the Azteca Stadium they got up and beat the Águilas 0-3.

And in short tournaments, just last year in the semifinals of Clausura 2023 something similar happened, where Chivas fell 0-1 in the first leg at the Akron Stadium and revived with an anthology 1-3 at the Azteca, achieving a place in the end of the MX League.

This time the red and whites will need a larger score, but if they come out inspired and don’t make mistakes they will be able to move forward.

The winner of this series will advance to the quarterfinals of the Concacaf Champions Cup, where they will face the best among the New England Revolution of the MLS and Alajuelense of Costa Rica, where the Americans have a 4-0 advantage.

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