Christian Chávez remembers when his mother kicked him out of the house for being gay

Christian Chávez remembers when his mother kicked him out of the house for being gay

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It was in 2007 when Christian Chavez decided to openly declare his homosexuality and the actor has now admitted that, For both him and his family, this process was not easy to bear..

Although the RBD star has since received support from his fans and social groups, in a recent interview with Yordi Rosado he recalled on the verge of tears about the moment when, At 17, he confessed to his mother, Olivia Garza, that he was gay and received one of the worst rejection reactions.

“It was very important to me that the people who loved me the most knew who I was…they had to know,” Chávez said.

“They were both there. Mom, dad, I’m gay. My mom, obviously, got very sick… at that moment she kicked me out of the house. My mom kicked me out of the house. She told me that I was going to die of AIDSHe told me that God did not want me like this… My mother was very religious, “he revealed.

For his part, his father Luis Chávez was not very understanding either. “My dad was kind of shocked, he thought it was like a fad,” he explained. “He told me something that hurt me, ‘Don’t let it show, don’t bring anyone here’ and, obviously, it was a ten-year process in which they began to understand ”.

The also singer continued to open his heart and gave details of the emotional conflicts he experienced and that he took hand in hand with his artistic career, where They came to blackmail him by publishing photos of his wedding in Canada at the time when he had not publicly come out of the closet.

On the other hand, Christian opened up about how he found out he was gayassuring that since he was little he realized that his tastes and behaviors were different from those of other children: “That was very difficult for me because when I was younger, well, I was more effeminate. I was a very spoiled, affectionate child. Since I was a kid I knew that I didn’t like soccer, that I liked art more, painting, singing and dancing.

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