Christian Nodal confesses what he has suffered by erasing the tattoos from his face

Christian Nodal confesses what he has suffered by erasing the tattoos from his face


A year ago, Christian Nodal He made public his intentions to permanently remove his tattoos from his face, motivated by his new stage as a father that would begin some time later. After that, he began to attend laser sessions to gradually remove the ink from his skin and, now that the months have passed, the changes are quite evident; However, the process has not been easy for the singer, as he recently confessed, stating that it is quite painful.

At a very young age, Christina Nodal He launched himself into stardom and quickly fame and success came to him unexpectedly. Although, he states that at the beginning of his career he did not like to be compared to other legends of the Mexican region such as Vidente Fernández, which is why he decided to change his physical appearance and get various tattoos on his body, partly also to break stereotypes and open up. the passage to the new generations.

During an interview for journalist Luz García, the Mexican singer revealed details that he had never said publicly before, among them, he investigated in depth about the process of removing the ink from his body in which he has been immersed for almost a year. He reveals that in this new stage of his life he no longer feels identified with the tattoos he got years ago because most of them have lost their meaning and because it was an irrational decision.


Christian Nodal regrets getting tattoos on his face

After learning of the birth of his daughter, Inti, Nodal He decided that he wanted to take a step back before becoming a father, since he wanted to begin this journey with a natural face. After that, he began to attend laser sessions every three months to remove the ink. So far he has only had three sessions and the change is already visible, although he confesses that every time he goes through this process he suffers from the sores that appear days later. “It hurts much. “I’m not that disciplined with those creampie things.”

“There are very painful sores. Little pockets like water form on your skin, as if you were basically burned. I wear hats, sweat and stage lights… I don’t have time for healing. Over time they have been removed a little more,” said Nodal.

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