Christian Nodal hints at Cazzu a few days after their breakup in the middle of the concert – El Diario NY

Christian Nodal hints at Cazzu a few days after their breakup in the middle of the concert – El Diario NY

A few days after announcing the end of his relationship with the Argentine singer cazzu, Christian Nodal He broke his silence regarding this situation by throwing a possible hint at his ex-partner.

During his most recent presentation in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León, as part of his tour “Pal’ Cora Tour”, the Mexican singer gave a packed recital that was marked by a controversial statement.

And during the concert, the interpreter of “Bottle After Bottle” mentioned a series of words that were taken as a possible hint to cazzu.

“If you love someone, don’t let them go.”

Christian Nodal

Christian Nodal performing in a show.
Christian Nodal and Cazzu welcomed their daughter Inti in September 2023.
Credit: Mezcalo

Christina Nodal and Ángela Aguilar raise rumors of a new romance

During the same concert, the Latin artist had the participation of the singer as well. Angela Aguilarwith whom he performed the song “Tell me how you want.” The performance of both artists was captured by dozens of attendees through a large number of videos that went viral on social networks.

Christian Nodal and Cazzu posing.

In these materials, you can notice the great chemistry that exists between the Mexicans, who, among various actions, hugged and smiled throughout the entire participation of Aguilar at the show Nodal.

It can even be seen how Christian puts a hat on Angela and then kiss her hand at the end of the song. After the show, and thanks to various videos, it was revealed that the couple arrived and left the concert together.

The recent evidence, logically, provoked a series of rumors and theories that indicate that the young couple could have something more than a friendship. In recent months, and after the revelation of the video “Dime como Buscas”, starring both singers, speculation began about a possible romance between Nodal and Aguilar.

At that time, the Mexican was in a relationship with his ex-fiancée. Belindaso the speculations soon disappeared. After this, Nodal began his relationship with cazzuburying any possibility that both artists could be together. However, and due to the recent separation between Nodal and cazzufans and followers of both artists have shown their enthusiasm to see the Mexican stars together.

Until now, and after the announcements of Nodal and cazzu Regarding their separation, none of those involved have mentioned or revealed more information regarding what happened.

Christian Nodal He is immersed in his current tour “Pal’ Cora Tour”, with which he will become the first artist from the Mexican region to give presentations in Europe next summer.

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