Christian Nodal speaks for the first time about his fatherhood and the effect of his daughter Inti on his life – El Diario NY

Christian Nodal speaks for the first time about his fatherhood and the effect of his daughter Inti on his life – El Diario NY

Almost six months after welcoming her first daughter, Intialong with the Argentine singer cazzu, Christian Nodal He revealed that he had obtained a different perspective on life that has made him an absolutely fulfilled and happy man.

Through an interview granted to Latin Billboardthe interpreter of “Pólvora de Ayer” was sincere about the positive change generated by the arrival of his daughter, in September 2023, as well as the feeling that is born in him when he sees Inti.

It’s like a pretty precious feeling, I can’t describe what it feels like to wake up, sleep with her. I recently finished a show in San Diego and I remember getting off stage, of the times I went down alone and felt sad or in trouble. But now getting out of the stroller like that and seeing the baby there, I felt like life was in 360, the beautiful and complete package, everything beautiful”

Christian Nodal

Christian Nodal performing in a show.
Christian Nodal was in Paris a few weeks ago with Cazzu and their daughter Inti.
Credit: Mezcalo

Christian Nodal enjoys his fatherhood

During the same interview, the Mexican singer also revealed that his new fatherhood has helped him become a more responsible person, in addition to feeling, thanks to his daughter, with greater strength, energy and motivation to face each day.

Likewise, and as part of this stage, the “Botella Tras Botella” singer confessed that Inti’s arrival has made him better appreciate the relationship he maintains with his parents as well as with his family in general.

Christian Nodal and Cazzu posing on a red carpet.

Finally, the Latin artist mentioned that his recent fatherhood, as well as the success he has achieved so far, have given him the feeling that he has already fulfilled his greatest desires in life. Despite the above, the singer did not hide his desire to continue making music as well as a possible foray into film and the development of a series.

Are Christian Nodal and Cazzu close to becoming parents again?

After the recent passage of the Latin couple, together with Intiin the city of Parison the occasion of Fashion Week and due to the work that the Mexican carried out in said city, a large number of rumors and speculations about a new pregnancy on the part of cazzu began to emerge.

The above originated due to a photograph where the Argentine singer presumably shows off a larger belly. In addition to the above, the artist published a series of photographs, about her time in the French capital, along with the legend: “France brought little things…”.

Although the previous phrase has been related to the possible release of new music by cazzubecause the artist was also working in a recording studio, a large number of followers of the musical couple do not take their finger off due to their desire to see the family of stars grow.

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