Chyno’s odyssey to recover

Chyno’s odyssey to recover

Lack of exercise was the reason given by Jesús Chyno Miranda when, in mid-2020, his fans asked him why he was thin and why his muscles and traditional squares disappeared.
A few months later, a video of Nacho’s former partner in a wheelchair, pushed by his then wife, Natasha Araos, drew attention to what was really going on with the singer-songwriter.

In a statement, the singer himself acknowledged what had happened to him: At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, he was infected. And that infection left him with sequelae, including peripheral neuropathy that gradually left him immobile. The deterioration was such that he was hospitalized for a month and then discharged to undergo therapy for his recovery.

The disease was the reason for the singer’s physical deterioration, although he never admitted that he had been infected. A video where he looked thin, in clinical clothes and singing with some difficulty corroborated the concern of his fans, although they trusted that he would recover over time.

However, Chyno was never the same again. Encephalitis, also a product of the disease, affected his vocal and thinking ability.

His post-illness stage has been described by some as “a horror movie”. The aftermath of Covid-19 was just the trigger for a series of events that has occupied Chyno’s life for more than two years.

the family crisis

His health wasn’t the only thing that deteriorated during this time. Almost at the same time, the rumors of the breakup of Miranda and Araos began. However, after denials with photos and videos, the couple came together to make what was an open secret official: they decided to separate and start the divorce process. In a month they were already divorced and in two Chyno returned to Caracas.

In this corner, in mid-December 2021, Chyno arrived to spend the Christmas holidays with his mother, Alcira Pérez. On the 22nd of that month, he was admitted to the Tía Panchita rehabilitation center in La Alta Florida.

From there, everything that has surrounded him has been controversy and half stories. On the one hand, his current partner, Astrid Falcón, has denounced in an interview with the Miami program “Sit whoever can” that Chyno entered that place deceived, doped and that he never agreed to be there.

He also assured that for more than six months he was prohibited from entering the institution, but without delving into the causes of it.

In addition, a group of Venezuelan artists gathered at a concert in Miami, which was also streamed, to raise funds to help pay for his treatment. In the end, they assured that they had managed to collect a little more than 70 thousand dollars, which “were delivered to the family,” according to Marko, the promoter.

After ten months, the action of a court, an action requested by Falcón and supported by the Public Ministry, removed him from “the precarious and very poor conditions in which they kept him” for another center, El Cedral.
The Prosecutor’s Office arrested four people in this procedure (apparently without certification to care for patients) and made a search in which, reportedly, they found a covered stick, presumably to hit rebellious patients, and a handmade straitjacket; in addition to expired medicines and deficiency in public services.

During the course of his time at the aforementioned rehab center, which authorities say is actually a nursing home, the singer tried to escape four times.

On one occasion he managed to evade security and got out, but due to his motor problems he was hit a few houses below. At the time, it was reported that he had been confined to a room alone and had been deprived of certain privileges such as the consumption of sweets and visits while the time of “punishment” for the action lasted.

Falcón also assured that she, with the help of her family, took care of the expenses involved in having her partner in that new center, where, according to her, he will be rehabilitated and treated with physical therapy. A video recorded by Chyno, and which was circulated a few hours after arriving at El Cedral, revealed that the singer is in the place “where he always wanted to be to recover.”

in this other

While those hours outside Tía Panchita passed, Alcira Pérez decided to talk about her son for the first time. In an interview with the Venezuelan program “Saturday night”, she said that she, far from being constantly questioned, always sought the best for her son. And her well-being, according to her, was what led her to admit him to Tía Panchita, although she did not make it clear if she had done it against the singer’s will. Nor if the claims that she had been carried almost unconscious were true.

He acknowledged that his son has a major problem with the additions and, without going into details, he said that at one stage he was very bad for them; which is why he decided to bring him to Caracas and hospitalize him in that center “because he is the one he could pay for.”

Likewise, he indicated, with his name and surname, his son’s current partner as responsible for Chyno’s relapse into addictions. According to her, on a visit prior to December 2021, Falcón would have given her son a bag with a prohibited substance.

For this reason, “I told him to get well if he wanted to be close to him. I have nothing against him, but I told him to heal himself first so that, later, he would help heal him. That is why it was that until she presented a negative test, they did not let her in to visit him, ”she declared on her side.

The singer’s cousin, Yarubay Zapata, has also been accused of being responsible not only for the apparent “deception” to admit him, but also for embezzlement of her cousin’s money.

Both she and her aunt had to testify in the Public Prosecutor’s Office for investigations into alleged mistreatment and fraud against Chyno; as well as for the restraining order that they request because they consider that their lives are in danger.

Like Pérez, Zapata also denied any accusation against his cousin. “How am I going to harm him if he is family? They manage his money from Miami, ”she recently told the Univision network.

The doctors who treated the singer in Caracas also spoke and assured that everything that had progressed could be lost if they did not continue – as apparently has happened – with the treatment he was undergoing at the Tía Panchita center.

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