CJNG will seek to expand on the border, after the arrest of the Treviño Egg

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According to an analysis of InSight Crimea foundation dedicated to the study of the main threats to security, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) will seek to expand in the northern border of Mexicobehind the arrest of Juan Gerardo Treviño Chávez, alias the Egg, top leader of the Northeast Cartel (CDN). The people of the CJNG will dispute the Northeast, now that their boss is gone, for access to the Tamaulipas border with the United States. The most important square is that of the municipality of Nuevo Laredo that adjoins Laredo, Texas.


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The Hell Troopthe armed wing of the CDN, which headed the Treviño Egg, was able to resist the attacks of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel for the last three years. Even Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, better known by his nickname Menchofounder of the CJNG, had declared war on Treviño Chávez.

The Zetas?

The Treviño Egg was arrested in March 2022, in the operation they killed his eight hit men who were guarding him. The Mexican government has already handed him over to US authorities. Treviño Chávez is the nephew of Miguel Treviño Morales, aka the Z40who converted the Zeta cartel in the Northeast Cartel, but he has also been detained for 8 years. The same as his brother, the Z42so the Northeast Cartel could suffer an internal division, due to the weakness of its structure.

The Northeast Cartel was fighting with remnants of the Gulf Cartel (CDG) for the control of other cities in Tamaulipas, such as the municipalities of Camargo and Reynosa, which are also key to the transfer of drugs from Mexico to the United States.

For now, the Mexican authorities foresee an escalation in violence, due to the fact that three cartels will fight for places for the sale and distribution of drugs. It should be noted that in the two days after the capture of the Treviño Egg, there were shootings and blockades on the main highways.

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