Clarissa Molina: Are the courtship and wedding plans over?

Clarissa Molina: Are the courtship and wedding plans over?

The host Clarissa Molina with her fiancé Vicente Saavedra.

The host Clarissa Molina with her fiancé Vicente Saavedra.

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Is the courtship and wedding plans over?… Many are made this question about Clarissa Molina and the musical impresario, Vicente Saavedra. not just because we don’t see them together on social medianeither in events and the ‘cherry’ on the cake, the note that the guests of the link received about a cancellation?

What is going on in this couple? Why don’t we see that great love that was distilled everywhere? Here we will tell you the truth of what is happening.

Yes, it is true that the wedding will no longer be on January 6 as the date of the pre-invitations said received by those who were in the list of people that Molina and Saavedra wanted to have with them in the Dominican Republic of witnesses of this great day.

What is not certain is that they have separated. Clarissa and Vicente are still together, in love, but they resolved external problems that would have nothing to do with love which in this case would continue intact and growing.

Which problems? Some legal pending that would have to do with Saavedra’s workand we are not referring to the controversy over the murder of Kevin Fret at the time he was Ozuna’s manager.

The truth is that, at the moment there is no cancellation of the wedding, but it was ‘postponed’.

Why such a drastic change? because precisely for some reasons in which Saavedra would have started to generate problems in the image of Clarissawho since she participated in ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’, His career has been growing based on work, preparation, study, and a lot, but a lot of discipline..

For that reason, it is that the couple decided to continue the relationship behind closed doors. No social networks, no public events together and just enjoy your partner in privacy. The last time they both posted on social media was on their respective birthdays. From then on neither together, nor the other alone.

Happy birthday to my future husband! @saavedravicente I wish that God continues to fill you with lots of life, health and many blessings.. May all your dreams and goals come true one by one, and may God allow me to be by your side supporting you in the process. Thank you for filling my life with joy with your sense of humor and for that big heart! Love you. ❤️ 🫶🏼🙏🏼🥳 Happy birthday my love!!!! The last photo: “us being us after some awards hihihi” Muah!!!!!”, wrote Clarissa on October 8.

While Saavedra did it on September 23, also on the occasion of the birthday of his fiancée, Clarissa Molina

Today is your birthday Queen 👑 I ask God to fill you with more life, more love, more energy than that which infects everyone Those of us who have the opportunity to surround you and live close to you thank you for your love and for your patience for everything in life! Love you @clarissamolina may you have many more 🎂🤍🌊🤤🖖🏼🙏🏼 Happy 31😇🧜‍♀️”.

Let us remember that it was in sSeptember 2021 when Clarissa Molina revealed in ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ that she had a boyfriend and had even given him a promise ring. Then came the commitment, the public presentation, moving in together and wedding plans. But since a month ago the road would have taken a detour. It only remains to wait what will happen and how it will continue.


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