Clarissa Molina boasts her ‘new love’ on social networks

clarissamolina mezcalent

The host Clarissa molina has caused tenderness in social networks because he has published during his spectacular holidays that he has been struck by a ‘new love‘and has not stopped posting images.

The darling of the show “The fat and the skinny”Has managed to have a 2021 full of great challenges and achievements that have resulted in her having a successful career every day but above all the affection of the public that follows her on social media and that is exactly where she boasts of her vacation with a friendly pig .

Molina has traveled to a heavenly place in the company of her boyfriend Vicente Saavedra where they have enjoyed her in style, as this has been appreciated by the photographs that have been uploaded to the respective Instagram profiles.

But in the middle of this perfect trip, the television host could not avoid being struck by a nice ‘local‘that has stolen her heart are her sympathetic presence, the crush has been on the beach where the very handsome pig has approached beauty and has stolen her attention and affection.

The model can be seen in the image with a huge smile and everything indicates that her sentimental partner has a rival in the beautiful pig named “Frankie”Which has been the protagonist of several photos with the young woman of only 30 years.

And the fact is that both have been inseparable during much of the trip, something that surprises is the way in which other users of the network have made their good sense of humor known and have been happy for such a funny situation.

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