Clarissa Molina takes a break after a recent trip she made and shows the technique she applies

Clarissa Molina takes a break after a recent trip she made and shows the technique she applies

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The host Clarissa Molina shared an audiovisual last Friday so that her followers of the camera’s social network could enjoy with her how much fun she had having a treatment on her face after recently taking a trip.

In the video you can see when the Dominican is explaining the aesthetic procedure she is undergoing to keep her face rejuvenated, while stating that the brown cover that they are applying is chocolate.

Mandatory stop after returning from trip @goldengirls_mia ✨! Adri received me with a facial drain accompanied by this chocolate mask 🍫 to have luminous skin, among 5 other benefits! I love it! #PorqueMeLoMerezco 🧖🏻‍♀️”, was the message that accompanied the video posted on the camera’s social network.

Internet users took the opportunity to leave several comments in the publication that are related to the application of chocolate. In turn, opinions became somewhat divided, as some mentioned that the white mask they placed on him was unprofessional.

However, all the impressions were not negative because several users of the application explained that she, at 31 years old, does not need to do anything to her skin, because many think that it is preserved very well.

“OMG I tried to make myself a mask like this and it gave me claustrophobia. I couldn’t”, “What clinic is that where they are wasting chocolate”, “What a waste of money”, “I thought the treatment was from the inside, I eat the chocolates”, “How delicious”, “How good my queen ”, “What a lack of professionalism, with a mask like this a client cannot breathe well”, “That girl lives a good life after a day of work”, “My love, you don’t need anything”, “Why they waste chocolate like this”, “Ufffs, I love it and I want it”, “Great, you have to take care of yourself and those in the middle even more”, were some of the reactions that have been registered in the post that was posted on the network social of the camera

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