Claudia Martín exposes her curvaceous figure while posing in underwear

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The actress claudia martin is living a new stage of his life after the controversial separation of the producer Andres Tovar, who shortly after announcing his divorce confirmed that he was launching an affair with Maite Perroni.

After the bitter moment that the protagonist of ‘The Rich Also Cry’ lived, she has now decided to give her life a new turn, and show herself within social networks as she had rarely done throughout her career.

And it is that recently the actress set fire to her official Instagram account, where he appeared posing with his back to the camera while wearing a light set of underwear, revealing her curvaceous figure in the shadows.

As expected, the daring image that was accompanied by the short phrase: “Day off“, unleashed a shower of compliments.

you have a divine body“, “But what a beautiful brunette“, “The most beautiful“, “How pretty“, “Beautifull” Y “Lovely“, were the compliments that were repeated the most in the comments section of the publication that also generated more than 31 thousand heart-shaped reactions.

Within this new stage, claudia martin He has brought out his most sensual side, because days before he monopolized the eyes posing from the pool with a tiny yellow two-piece swimsuit, with which he showed the beauty he has at 32 years old.

And it is not for less, because as part of her daring uncovering, she appeared from inside the pool while swimming like a real mermaid, again unleashing the rain of messages of admiration.

While in one more image, he took advantage of being under the sun’s rays to show a little-known side, showing off his “happy days”.

The revealing images have not only shown that she is willing to live new experiences, since Martín recently revealed that she could be looking for love again, since it is a door that she did not leave closed.

Clear! That will never be closed to me, I will never stop believing in love; of course I am more than open, with that illusion always“He confessed to TVyNovelas magazine.

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