Colombian presenter reveals that Bad Bunny wrote “Hello, linda” to her;  she saw the message a year later – El Diario NY

Colombian presenter reveals that Bad Bunny wrote “Hello, linda” to her; she saw the message a year later – El Diario NY

It is a secret to no one that Bad Bunny He has become one of the most sought-after singles today. And thanks to his great fame and prestige, the Puerto Rican has become the “desire” of a large number of people. However, despite the enormous trajectory that supports his career, the singer has also been ignored when he has tried to start a relationship.

And according to the Colombian star, Lina Tejeiropresenter of the previous and subsequent scenes of “La Casa de los Famosos” Colombia, Bad Bunny He approached her through a private message on her Instagram account in a surprising and unexpected way.

When I saw it I couldn’t believe it and I ran out to tell him, although no one else knew, until now. This message said ‘Hello, pretty, how are you?’”

Lina Tejeiro


What did Tejeiro do when he saw Bad Bunny’s message?

Through an interview granted to the Spanish journalist Eva Rey, Tejeiro She revealed the great surprise that reading the message from the “Tití Me Preguntó” singer caused her, however, and despite the emotion that this event generated in her, unfortunately she did not detect it until a year after it was sent.

And according to the presenter, the message was sent when she was traveling with her friend. Greeicy Rendón for Venezuela. During said transfer, the Colombian decided to check her Instagram account to see who was following and to review her messages, coming across the message of Bad Bunny.

Bad Bunny posing.

In addition to the above, Tejeiro revealed that Instagram’s functionality was also a factor in not seeing the Puerto Rican’s message on the exact date it was sent.

I realized the message a long time later, that was like 2018, but I read it like the next year. “I didn’t know why Instagram didn’t let me see it before.”

Lina Tejeiro


Despite all of the above, and given the enormous surprise that seeing the message from Bad Bunny, Lina Tejeiro He revealed that he decided not to answer the Puerto Rican because the singer “is not his type and he doesn’t like him either.”

Bad Bunny posing.
Bad Bunny ended his relationship with Kendall Jenner in December 2023.
Credit: Mezcalo

It is worth mentioning that after his high-profile breakup with the American model, Kendall Jennerin December 2023, Bad Bunny He was caught a few weeks ago with his ex-partner, Gabriela Berlingeriin Los Angeles California. Various sources close to the Latin stars have revealed that Berlingeri He has remained close to the “Monaco” singer even when he was dating the member of the clan. Kardashian-Jenner.

Gabriela Berlingeri is a Puerto Rican jewelry designer who captured the artist’s heart before he gained the fame he has today. Given this, the same Bad Bunny has thanked Berlingeri publicly for their support.

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