Comedian Eugenio Derbez demands that Cruz Azul “not screw up” – La Opinion

Comedian Eugenio Derbez demands that Cruz Azul “not screw up” – La Opinion

Eugenio Derbez, a comedian on Mexican television, well known for his sympathy for the colors of Cruz Azul, warned through a video on his social networks that he went from praise to warnings for the cement players in the face of the grand final America vs Cruz Azul that “they are not going to screw up”, simply because he and his character Ludovico Peluche would not endure another heart attack to see how the Cement Machine loses the third Liga MX final in the last 11 years with América.

Derbez, known for his television programs and films in the Hollywood market, the mecca of international cinema, is also well known for his love of the cement team that he took over since the 1970s. when this organization lived times of splendor that gave way to its classification as a large team in Aztec football due to its rivalry with the millioneta team, which was called the “young classic.”

“This message is for my beloved and beloved Cruz Azul Machine players: “First of all I want to tell you, thank you, thank you for reaching the final, thank you for such a beautiful season, really, Thank you with all my heart, I love you, I adore you, thank you. Now, don’t go screwing up.”

Derbez was emphatic in his demand for the cement squad led by Martín Anselmi in this Sunday’s duel, in an unpleasant experience that he experienced in the Clausura 2013 tournament when the American team led by Miguel Herrera took the victory out of the bag for Cruz Azul commanded by Guillermo Vázquez Jr., in the last seven minutes of the match that ended in favor of América and that was repeated in the Apertura 2018 tournament in a more forceful 2-0 with goals from Edson Álvarez, current figure of West Ham United.

“Please, please, don’t go to cross it, I really want you to take it into account that if it crosses it, Ludovico can’t stand another heart attack, Ludovico can’t stand another stressful final and they also lose it. I am also no longer at the age where I can endure Cruz Azul reaching the final and losing, especially against América.”

The comedian said that he does not care that the Machine could be defeated by any other squad, less than with America, especially because a situation is being generated in the cement industry environment. kind of syndrome or psychosis with the yellow colors of the Coapa team.

“They can lose against anyone, against Barcelona, ​​against Real Madrid, against Atlas, if they want, against Necaxa, Atlante, whoever they want, but please don’t lose against América, clearly I’m leaving, they lose a cement, cement that lose against America, I’m leaving, you’re losing me, there you go, thank you and play like never before. Let’s go Machine! “She assured.

Ludovico Peluche already had a heart attack in a match vs. Puebla

It should be noted that Eugenio Derbez, within his interpretation of his character Ludovico Peluche, already suffered a heart attack in a match where Cruz Azul lost to Puebla and for that reason he mentioned it again now in the video prior to the grand final against América, that this character’s heart could not withstand another heart attack.

Eugenio Derbez and much less his character Ludovico Peluche will endure another “cruzazuleada” from the Machine. Photo: Peter Kramer/AP)

This happened in an episode of the program La Familia P. Luche, ‘Ludovico’ where he is watching a Cruz Azul game and the character’s attitude is aggressive towards his children, at whom he yells while he begins to sweat excessively. Thus, a few minutes before the end of the match, the referee scores a penalty in favor of ‘The Machine’, but striker ‘Chaco’ Giménez, father of Santiago Giménez, misses and Cruz Azul is eliminated. At that moment ‘Ludovico’, played by actor Eugenio Derbez, suffers a heart attack.

Derbez does not want to suffer that traumatic experience again and for that reason he made this demand to the players of the Celestial Machine.

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