Confirmed: Adamari López will not be in The House of Famous 3

Confirmed: Adamari López will not be in The House of Famous 3

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Confirmed: Adamari Lopez will not be in ‘The House of the Famous 3… Weeks ago he began to spread the rumor that the presenter of ‘Hoy Día’ could be part of the Telemundo reality show, Even Cristian Zuárez, Laura Bozzo’s ex, shared a graphwhere are the supposed participants and there is Ada!

But Nope!Not only did Telemundo not call her to be part, but she would not accept it eitherbecause it would not be within your work options.

Likewise Adamari herself confirmed it to us, who told us she would not accept to participate in a reality show of this type for one reason always: “Being away from my daughter is not an option for me”.

Not to mention that at this moment he has a great challenge ahead: the new stage of ‘Hoy Día’ of which she is the only presenter left from the previous version, even from the stage of ‘Un Nuevo Día’.

Let’s remember that in ‘The House of Famous 2’, who did participate was his ex and father of his daughter, Toni Costawhose dream was to win to buy a house to share with Alaïa, Although he did not win, although he reached the final, he was able to give the little girl that home.

Dog returning to the new season of ‘Las Casas de los Famosos 3’, which begins on January 17, 2023, has already confirmed its presentersthe same formula from the past is repeated: Hector Sandarti and Jimena Gallego.

This coming Tuesday, Telemundo will share who the participants will bebut for now andIt was leaked that there would be several of the so-called ‘ex’: Cristian Zuarez ex of Laura Bozzo; Bobby Larios ex of Niurka Marcos; and Sebastián Caicedo ex of Carmen Villalobos.

‘La Casa de los Famosos 3’ will be Telemundo’s first big bet for the beginning of the year 2023seeking to capture the ratings of what has become, up to now, his most successful show.



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