“Conformism and mediocrity”: journalist criticized the attitude of the Mexican team after scratching a tie against the United States at the Azteca Stadium

The last Mexican victory against the USMNT was in September 2019.

The last Mexican victory against the USMNT was in September 2019.

Photo: Hector Vivas/Getty Images

El Tri celebrated their last draw against the United States at the Azteca Stadium. Although scratching an equality would have been a bad result in other circumstances, at present It was a point applauded by Gerardo Martino’s coaching staff. The Mexican team did not lose, but they did not win either and the USMNT disrespects more and more the label of “Giant of Concacaf” that Mexico maintained along its history. Given this scenario, the journalist Miguel Ángel Arizpe questioned the certain conformism that exists in relation to the results of El Tri.

Many will say ‘Very good game’, and yes, as a party it was not bad; others will say ‘The United States won us no more‘, and also. But no, that is a lot of conformism and mediocrity”, sentenced Miguel Ángel Arizpe in his column for the portal Halftime.

Despite not having lost, the journalist points out from a more negative perspective what the last draw of the Mexican team at the Azteca Stadium meant. This duel certified the disrespect of the United States towards a Mexican group that he can no longer make his stadium a real fort.

For the fourth consecutive game you can’t beat the gringos and for the third game in a row you don’t score a goal against him. Not even in the Azteca do you beat him and that is very criticizable (…) It is to question Gerardo Martino”, he sentenced.

What would happen if this happens to “El Tata” with Argentina?

Arizpe made a comparison of the Concacaf Classic with the South American Classic between Argentina and Brazil. The journalist considers that if Gerardo Martino were in this same situation, but in command of the albiceleste, the board of directors of the South American team I would have already sent him to the street.

“If that (four games without winning), it would have been directing Argentina vs. Brazil, I would no longer be in office, che. But we are Mexico and here is the king”, he concluded.

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