Consent!  Puebla boy sings song by Amanda Miguel and goes viral (Video)

Consent! Puebla boy sings song by Amanda Miguel and goes viral (Video)

No doubt sing a song of spite full lungIt’s one of the most satisfying things in life, butcan you imagine a child doing it? So it happened with a little poblano which was captured in a way surprising singing with a lot of feeling, a theme by Amanda Miguel; The moment was captured on video and quickly went viral on social media.

It was through TikTokuser @_bgmarian shared this funny and quirky moment in which the boy, called Muttof no more than eight years and of poblano originwhich is found Playing in the yard with his tricycle.

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Seconds later one hears how one of the most popular and well-known songs by the composer Amanda Miguel and the infant begins to sing the chorusin one way spiteful and full lung.

  • My king was a stone monster, with a stone heart, I paid for my love with stones, he broke my illusion with stones”, can be heard on TikTok, while the child, with eyes closedhe begins to move his arms now sing the lyrics of the songthinking that no one was watching.

Nevertheless, His mother took the opportunity so that, without it happening, he began to record while the kid he sang with all his might the topic “castles”, considered one of the greatest successes of the famous Argentine singer and nationalized Mexican.

By singing the melody with the closed eyes and moving the hands to the rhythm of it, little Chucho shocked all Internet users from the network, who were enthusiastic about the emotional performance.

As expected, the minor’s clip was went viral on social mediawell, one day after it was published in TikTok it adds up almost 14 million views Y more than 24 thousand commentsamong those who applaud the feeling with which he sings.

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Not even Amanda Miguel made so much sense with him”, “My God, this must be seen by Amanda Miguel”, “Sometimes I feel like it’s me and Chucho against the world”, “Everyone feeling Chucho’s pain”, “Who hurt that child so much”, “His face when they caught him hahahaha” and “Hahaha Chucho represents me when there is a song that reaches me, even though nobody has done anything to me hahaha”, they wrote in the comments.

Published in The Sun of Puebla


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