Costa Rica coach hopes to give a new surprise at the Qatar 2022 World Cup against the powerful Germany

Costa Rica coach hopes to give a new surprise at the Qatar 2022 World Cup against the powerful Germany

Luis Suárez, Costa Rica coach in Qatar 2022.

Luis Suárez, Costa Rica coach in Qatar 2022.

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The Costa Rica coach, the Colombian Luis Fernando Suárez, has had a worrying start in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, as he fell 7-0 against the Spain National Team. However, the coach revealed that he will make changes to his team for the match against Germany, with the classification at stake, and he hoped to give another surprise in Qatar 2022 against the German team.

“I hope to give another surprise, hopefully tomorrow”, confided the coach of the Tico team that still has qualifying options for the round of 16 after beating Japan on the second day.

Furthermore, the Costa Rican strategist questioned the situation of the Central American team after the painful defeat that meant a historic win for the Spanish team.

The team’s reaction after the defeat against Spain left me calm. I knew that with work we could get ahead, “said the coach on the eve of the match against Germany, which is also at stake to qualify for the round of 16.

“We are aware of what we are playing for and who we are playing for. We play for an entire country that expects us to do things well. It is a normal pressure. We must have a lot of responsibility and a lot of ambition for this game”, said Luis Fernando Suárez.

Changes in Costa Rica to play against Germany

For the game that will give us one of the qualifiers for the next phase of the World Cup, coach Luis Fernando Suárez confirmed that there will be some changes in his eleven to face Germany.

“Juan Pablo Vargas is a great player who always does things well when he arrives here. play Bald or play Juan Pablo I am calm with what they are going to do ”, added. “We will assess changes against Germany although it is possible that there will be.”

“Vargas is going to play against Germany. ANDHe is working very well”, added the Costa Rican coach who acknowledged room for improvement, especially in attack. “We know that Costa Rica has to improve a lot in attack. It’s clear, but I know we can do it.”

Finally, the coach spoke on the appointment of arbitrator Stephanie Frappart, which will be accompanied by a Mexican, and for his part, the coach was positive. “This is the reflection of what the woman has conquered and I like that she wants to continue conquering. It is one more step. It speaks well of women and of things that at certain moments in this macho sport did not occur ”.

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