Could Britney Spears lose her fortune due to her “unstable mental health”?  – The NY Journal

Could Britney Spears lose her fortune due to her “unstable mental health”? – The NY Journal


The mental health of Britney Spears would be unstable since the trial for her guardianship came to an end, according to sources close to the singer reported to the portal. TMZ.

This Monday, the specialized news outlet reported that the pop star’s assets could be in “serious danger” because it no longer has restrictions or supervision of any kind.

According to statements from sources close to the “Toxic” singer, she is unstable in both her mental and financial health, as she has been characterized by her sudden mood swings.

“She had a lot of freedom and the restrictions were there to protect her. Now she is no longer protected”The source told TMZ.

Being isolated from her family, including Jamie, Britney is squandering her fortune on trips and getaways to luxury resorts with flights on private jets, which could also put her in danger of ending up bankrupt by not being active in the world of entertainment. music.

“She can’t afford this. She had $60 million of dollars when the guardianship ended, and now it is in danger of going bankrupt,” the source commented.

For its part, Page Six detailed that other sources reported that the singer’s financial freedom after guardianship has caused her the impulse to spend her fortune.

“For more than a decade, other people were in charge of their bank accounts, and every purchase had to be reported to the court, even if it was just a pack of gum. But now she is alone.”

The singer’s friends have tried to talk to her about her numerous trips and excessive shopping; However, they fear being considered another Jamie in Britney’s life, according to Page Six.

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