Cristian Castro broke up with Mariela Sánchez again after the release of offensive audios – El Diario NY

Cristian Castro broke up with Mariela Sánchez again after the release of offensive audios – El Diario NY

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The Chisme No Like program last Monday shared an exclusive about what was a conversation between Mariela Sánchez, at which time she was talking about her romantic relationship with Cristian Castro. A few days after they reconciled, they didn’t get far because they broke up again, since she never expressed herself positively about him.

“It’s dirty. He lived in my house for a month. I know what it is. It can’t stand me. I am very organized and I have a reorganized life. He wanted to run away. He couldn’t stand it. I am very impeccable. Terrible in bed. He is very ugly physically. My comments are all good. I will never speak to Cristian again. He knows. He’s not going to come near me. “I left,” he is heard saying to Mariela.

This situation has generated a great stir in the media and on social networks, since Cristian has been the protagonist of many love controversies in the past. It seems that stability is not a constant in his love life and that Their love relationships are usually scandalous and full of ups and downs.

Despite everything, the singer continues with his life and his musical career, trying to leave scandals and personal problems behind. Only time will tell if Castro manages to find stability and happiness in love, or if he will continue to be the protagonist of controversies and complicated relationships. What is clear is that this Argentine singer continues to generate headlines and give something to talk about in the world of entertainment.

Cristian Castro’s ex-girlfriend apologizes

“I want to publicly express the pain and regret I feel for what happened. I entered the underworld of the networks by talking to people who perhaps have not been as loved as me and in a state of anger “I said horrible things about the person who I feel, in the depths of my soul, was a great love.”he wrote in a story on his Instagram profile.

After the release of the audios, Mariela did not hesitate to issue another statement: “Sorry Cristian. It surprises me that people don’t celebrate love and enjoy pain and want to destroy. I am grateful to have met a romantic person who, despite everything, from his anger, spoke to me and taught me with great affection what love is. Cristian listened to all the audios and we finally reached the end of the relationship. It was unsustainable. The person who sent all this obviously does not post the videos and photos he sent me for me to react this way. And I fell.”

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