Cristina Porta debuted as a television host on ‘La Mesa Caliente’ and the audience gave their opinion – El Diario NY

Cristina Porta debuted as a television host on ‘La Mesa Caliente’ and the audience gave their opinion – El Diario NY

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Cristina Porta, known for her participation in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, has proven to be a promising figure in the world of television. After her successful participation in the reality show she managed to catch the attention of Telemundo producers, who offered her the opportunity to host a program on the network and we are talking about ‘La Mesa Caliente’.

His charisma, professionalism and talent have allowed him to consolidate himself in the competitive television market, and has been able to make the most of the visibility that the outstanding competition between celebrities gave him which ended last Monday, thus taking a new step to continue growing in his career.

As a Telemundo presenter, Cristina has a great challenge ahead of her, but she is more than prepared to face it and leave her mark on the industry. Its success shows that participating in a reality show can be the springboard that many artists need to achieve their professional goals.

Audience of ‘La Mesa Caliente’ reacted to his work

“You already started hanging”, “Excuse me Cristina, but how hung up”, “I think Cristina deserved second place”, “People, for God’s sake, the program is already over… Get on with your lives! Since I see Cristina in the media, I love her,” “Bella Cristina, although you had your differences, you were one of the real ones, I like seeing you on Telemundo”, “I love seeing you Cristina Porta, you can teach eloquence and presence to many where you are now”, “Hopefully we can see you working for a while in Miami,” “I love seeing you at @lamesacaliente as a co-presenter, you do well and here we are and will be your Portistas,” were some of the reactions recorded in the post.

Without a doubt, ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ was a springboard for Porta, who He knew how to make the most of the opportunity that was presented to him and demonstrate his talent in front of millions of viewers. Now, with this new project on Telemundo, the presenter continues to demonstrate that she has a promising future on television and that she is ready to face new challenges and continue growing in her career.

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