Crunchyroll announces “Hime’s Quest” for Game Boy Color and PC!

Crunchyroll announces “Hime’s Quest” for Game Boy Color and PC!


Hime’s Quest is the new video game developed by the anime giant Crunchyroll that will be available for Game Boy Color Y pcthe company announced. version of Nintendo It can already be reserved from today and in the words of the CR itself it can be defined as “a game that captures the nostalgia of 90s pop culture”.

Do you want to see what it is about?

Hime’s Quest8 bit style

Terry LiSenior Vice President of Emerging Companies at crunchyrollexplains what we can expect from Hime’s Quest:

Crunchyroll wanted to capture all the nostalgia of ’90s pop culture, an unlocked memory for fans, and we’re excited to transport Crunchyroll’s Hime back to that era in an adventure built for fan-favorite hardware.

Hime is our beloved pet princess, so we’re excited to see her lore expand in ways that speak to fans of the video game and anime.

Hime'S Quest

About the game

Here you will take control of Crunchyroll Hime to save the anime club from Y2K in his first video game as a protagonist.

Set in 1999, there is something in the air. A malevolent force looms over New Crunchy Citywreaking havoc on technology and tragically destroying the beloved video player DVD/VHS from the anime club.

Can you stand up to the jerk who ruined our beloved reunion?

Hime'S Quest

Hime’s Quest Key Features

  • Delve into haunted forests, deserts, and mirages in the greatest quest for Crunchyroll Hime Until now.
  • Fight your way through dungeons and face cruel Y2K demons.
  • Have a good time with Hime’s friends at the anime club or visit the eccentric mangaka Junji Ito, obsessed with spirals. Will you succeed in your mission to pat the head of Hime’s best friend, Yuzu?
  • TURN UP THE MUSIC!: Soundtrack is composed by award-winning music author protodome.

Hime'S Quest

Remember that pre-orders of the edition of Game Boy Color They are available from today until December 23 at a cost of $44.99 in its two versions: Crunchyroll Orange Y “Limited Run Blue”.

And for its part, the PC version will be released in December for free for download in all compatible browsers.

Have fun!

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