Cruz Azul recovers Willer Ditta and Nacho Rivero;  Will they start on Sunday vs.  Scratched?  – The opinion

Cruz Azul recovers Willer Ditta and Nacho Rivero; Will they start on Sunday vs. Scratched? – The opinion

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Willer Ditta and Ignacio Rivero continue to recover from muscle fatigue that prevented the Colombian from playing against Monterrey and the Uruguayan from only seeing a few minutes in the duel last Thursday in which Cruz Azul beat Monterrey 0-1, with which they could be taken into account from the beginning of the Hostilities at the Ciudad de los Deportes Stadium.

Both players were part of the notable absences of the Celeste Machinewhere at the end of the day it seemed that the adjustments made by coach Martín Anselmi with the entry of Erick Lira, Alexis Gutiérrez and Ángel Sepúlveda, seemed to give the cement team more weapons to beat Monterrey on a foreign field.

Without a doubt in the hours remaining until the duel on Sunday at 6:00 p.m. at the Colonia Nochebuena building in the west of CDMX, The recovery process that the Cruz Azul players continue to have will be important in order to provide Cruz Azul with greater weapons to seek the ticket to the grand final of the Clausura 2024 tournament.

In the first leg, Cruz Azul sent Kevin Mier to the field in goal; Rodrigo Huescas, Carlos Salcedo, Gonzalo Piovi and Alexis Gutiérrez; Erick Lira, Uriel Antuna, Carlos Rodríguez and Lorenzo Faravelli in midfield; Carlos Rotondi and Ángel Sepúlveda in the attack.

This formation had a lot of versatility and in the first half of the match against the Rayados, the owner of the playing field seemed to be Cruz Azul, causing only one dangerous action to be generated in the cement goal defended by Colombian goalkeeper Kevin Mier.

While the cement workers were able to arrive with more force and achieve the goal that has them with half a ticket in the bag of the grand final, so it is doubtful that coach Martín Anselmi will make any moves, although in each game he has left evidence of his ability tactics and we will see what surprises introduces his compatriot Fernando Ortiz, coach of the Rayados.

Even this rivalry of concepts has crossed the field, since at the end of last Thursday’s match, the Monterrey media criticized the coach’s lack of tactical variants. and he hid behind the fact that he seemed like the bad guy instead of joining forces. to try to find solutions that could give him the strength to eliminate Cruz Azul.

So on Sunday The dispute will be on the court and on the bench, from where the tactical variants must come to try to achieve the victory that allows them to place in the grand final.

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