Cruz Azul runs out of time: Argentine Pavón freezes negotiations with La Maquina

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Blue Cross He is running out of time to add reinforcement in the attack zone and the negotiations for the Argentine Cristian Pavon, are stagnant between La Maquina and Boca Juniors from Argentina.

La Noria’s team is looking for a new striker for Clausura 2022, but negotiations with the Boca striker have not been fruitful. At the same time, the Argentine has sought to change of scene but everything indicates that he will not leave the Xeneixe team.

Cruz Azul seeks alternatives

After the departure of Jonathan Rodriguez of the blue team, La Maquina is looking for an alternative in South American football and they got in touch with Robert Morales from Cerro Porteño and also with Roberto Fernandez from the Guaraní Club, both from Paraguay.

Because Cristian Pavón would stay in Boca Juniors, Cerro Porteño and Guaraní would easily get rid of their players, taking into account that they are currently their highest figures and they would only be willing to sell them if the offer exceeds $ 2 million dollars.


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