Dani Alves and his fleeting time at UNAM Pumas – La Opinion

Dani Alves and his fleeting time at UNAM Pumas – La Opinion

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Dani Alves has been in the center of attention in recent hours. In section 21 of the Barcelona hearing, they ruled on the sanction that the Brazilian must serve after being involved in a sexual abuse case. The former Canarinha player will pass four and a half years in prison. In this sense, his retirement from professional football is more than confirmed. Dani Alves’ last club was the UNAM Pumas.

“The court, which applies the mitigating circumstance of repairing the damage, concludes that it has been proven that Alves suddenly grabbed the victim, threw her to the ground and, preventing her from moving, raped her, even though the complainant said no, she wanted to leave.“, detailed the EFE news agency.

In addition to remaining in prison for four and a half years, Dani Alves will also face other punishments exposed in the courtroom. Once his sentence is completed, The former Canarinha player must serve another five years of probation and parole. On the other hand, the Brazilian He will not be able to approach the victim for the next nine years. Finally, the exlateral will have to €150,000 euros ($162,869 dollars) in compensation.

UNAM Pumas was his last memory

Dani Alves is a respected player on the pitch. The Brazilian footballer won a large number of titles that placed him at the top of world football. His last stage in professional football was in Mexico. In this nation the South American played his last minutes.

After his second stage with FC Barcelona, Liga MX was Dani Alves’ destiny. The Brazilian defender arrived in Liga MX in July 2022 at the hands of the UNAM Pumas. Alves’ participation was staked.

Despite his age, the former Canarinha player had a very good participation in the Mexican tournament. The Brazilian defender played 13 games in Mexican soccer. Dani Alves stayed on the court for more than 1,100 minutes since he arrived at the university team. In Mexico he conceded up to 5 goal assists.

However, since this incident involving Dani Alves at the Sutton nightclub became known, The UNAM Pumas decided to quickly terminate his contract. The Brazilian’s stay was much shorter than expected. Mexico was the last place where the South American performed his characteristic attacking runs, after having played for important teams such as Sevilla, Bahia, FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus de Turín and São Paulo.

Even though the sentence has already been made and the punishment could have even been greater, Dani Alves’ lawyer does not agree with her. Inés Guardiola acknowledged that they will appeal to the ruling of the Section 21 Court.

I really still believe in the innocence of Mr. Alves, Mr. Alves is whole, I am going to go this afternoon to see him and explain the sentence to him.; I have not yet been able to study the sentence but I can tell you that we are going to appeal,” the lawyer explained to EFE.

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