Dani Alves’ new business after leaving prison – La Opinion

Dani Alves’ new business after leaving prison – La Opinion

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Former Brazilian soccer player Dani Alves has decided to embark on a new professional path after having been released from provisional prison last April of this year. The former Barcelona Football Club full-back, who was behind bars for more than a year in Barcelona for a conviction of sexual assault, already has a clear idea of ​​what he will do from now on in this new stage of his professional life.

What is Dani Alves’s new business after leaving prison?

Alves has established a new company in the field of athlete management and representation which is called OQP Sport & Management and was registered in the Commercial Registry of Spain last April, with an initial capital of approximately a total of $32,600 dollars. The company will have an official and main headquarters in the city of Barcelona and Dani Alves, former player of the Brazilian national team, is the administrator and until now the sole partner of the company in question.

According to information from ON Economía, this entity will be dedicated to the management of image rights and everything that has to do with the advice and representation of athletes.

It must be remembered that this is not Alves’s debut in the business world since he previously He had participated in the representation agency called Flashforward, along with his ex-wife, Dinorah Santana, mother of his two children. In addition to this, he was a partner in Cedro Esport, another company that is also dedicated to image rights management. According to several media outlets, the latter is the only company from his former projects that is still active in the market.

Alves’ various businesses

Additionally, Dani Alves has invested in various businesses, including the real estate sector. with the company called Bahia Ilheus, in addition to projects in the world of fashion and restaurants. These investments have been possible thanks to the advice and company of specialists and the correct administration of the significant amounts of money that he managed to collect throughout his career as a professional soccer player.

OQP Sport & Management has the clear goal of being a new chapter in the working life of Daniel Alves, completely distancing him from the whole issue of prison and what he had to experience in it and reorienting him towards an environment that he knows well: sports and image representation. These types of companies are among the most popular in recent times, especially due to the fact that many former footballers make the decision to follow this professional path after retiring from the playing fields.

He will continue to be linked to the world of football

The decision to create this new agency is aligned with the former player’s desire to continue linked to the world of professional foot ball and being able to help future stars around the world.

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