Daniel Sarcos, two months after his delicate operation, resumed his life at the gym – El Diario NY

Daniel Sarcos, two months after his delicate operation, resumed his life at the gym – El Diario NY

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In a video posted on his social networks, Daniel Sarcos is shown doing muscle strengthening and stretching exercises in the gym. Accompanied by a trainer, the television presenter is determined to fully regain his mobility and return to full physical shape.

Since he had surgery, Sarcos has not stopped thanking the people who have helped him. in this process, and ensures that every day he feels better and stronger. He also encourages his followers to not give up, even when circumstances seem adverse, and to take care of their health and well-being.

Many times the best way to overcome pain is to face it“was the message that accompanied the audiovisual uploaded to the camera’s social network. Sarcos shows the courage and willpower he shows when facing this difficult situation. Without a doubt, his perseverance and dedication will lead him to overcome this obstacle and regain his full mobility.

The 56-year-old Venezuelan has shown that With determination and effort you can overcome obstacles and recover from an injury or surgeryas ended up being his case. Without a doubt, his story serves as an inspiration for many who are also in the process of physical rehabilitation, taking into consideration that it was at the beginning of February when he entered the operating room.

“We go like this. I am so grateful to everyone for accompanying me in my #rehabilitation process that they have left me speechless. “Just as grateful to #anatesana and his entire team at @atlanticaccident, my recommendation at the time of an accident,” were the words he shared through his Instagram profile.

“You have had a blessed recovery. That you can join the training is a huge advance”, “Everything is a process, trust in God that everything will pass quickly, many blessings”, “Courage, Daniel, God is good, everything is going well”, “It’s a lot of careful weight”“You are on the right path”, “I admire you a lot, I am your fan, encouragement and a lot of strength from God”, “Excellent! “To strengthen the quadriceps and everything necessary to stay in shape now and take care of that hip,” were some of the reactions recorded in the post.

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