Daniella Navarro proudly shows the engagement ring that Nacho Casano gave her

Daniella Navarro proudly shows the engagement ring that Nacho Casano gave her

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The relationship between the actress Daniella Navarro and Nacho Casano began when they both participated in the second season of “La Casa de los Famosos”, a fact that occurred after she had been involved with two other artists while the participation was taking place.

Recently the couple was on a trip to Europe and it is that they also left with the daughter of the Venezuelan. After those days off decided to make a stop in Houston, Texas, to share with some fanstime they took to show how good they feel for so much support.

“Many thanks, We have no words to thank you. The most beautiful thing that La Casa de los Famosos has left me, apart from my relationship, of course, is this community that has supported me,” said Navarro.

Casano also took the opportunity to dedicate a few words to those present, while explaining that for him it is a great joy to be able to generate entertainment in homes and he considers that for him there is no better way than acting.

“Doing my job is a privilege and one of the benefits of that privilege is getting to know people like you, knowing their stories, what happens to them and how we doing what we love and that we like allows us to reach their houses, their homes“said the actor.

The former participant of ‘LCDLF2’ through her social networks has shown that is little reserved with everything related to his personal life, while explaining that he will always prefer to tell his fans the details rather than a media outlet, since it does not end up being his style.

“You know that I do not keep gossip and less of my own and that for me the exclusives are not from any media, neither the press, nor television, nor anything, the exclusives are for you and yes the man gave me the ring“, he detailed.

Undoubtedly, the announcement left those present perplexed, because in just a few months the couple decided that it was time to take the next step in order to continue building a life together and, for this, Casano asked her to marry him.

No one knew this, I just said it here for you“he added.

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