Danna Paola finally reveals why she left Eleazar G贸mez: “You get rid of toxic people”

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Even though Danna Paola had preferred not to talk about the relationship he had with eleazar gomez when both participated in the children鈥檚 telenovela 鈥楢tr茅vete a so帽ar鈥, the singer once again opened this chapter of her life to reveal for the first time the reasons why you decided to walk away from the actr.

After the complaint for family violence that he filed in November 2020 Tefi Valenzuela against eleazar gomez and for which he had to spend about five months in prison, other episodes of violence by the actor came to light, where he was even accused of mistreatment of Danna Paola when the two had an affair in 2009.

However, the singer had preferred to keep this relationship under absolute discretion, or at least that was the case until a few days ago, when she was approached by the cameras of the 鈥淰entaneando鈥 program during her trip to Los Angeles, California, where she finally revealed why He moved away from who was his partner for a few years.

鈥淥ne passes and gets rid of toxic people in life, just to celebrate with new people who arrive and use all the experiences in favor and share experiences.鈥

Danna Paola

And he was blunt in stating that the relationship with Eleazar G贸mez was in the past and he prefers to focus on the positive situations that he is currently experiencing.

I don鈥檛 like how I remember things that don鈥檛 go with me now, I鈥檓 super happy and grateful to God and to life.鈥said.

In addition to highlighting that her song 鈥淐alla t煤鈥 has become a feminist anthem that helps other women overcome painful situations, she shared that she is currently accompanied by people who support her.

I am surrounded by wonderful people, by human beings who support me, by wonderful men too, I think that that鈥檚 something I鈥檝e learned throughout my lifeSo it鈥檚 wonderful,鈥 he explained.

But when asked if she also sympathizes with Tefi Valenzuela, Danna Paola reiterated that her support will always be with any woman who needs it.

To any woman in the worldI think the most important thing is how I say it again, support each other, between artists, whoever it isI think that the most important thing is to know that there is a hand there by your side that can support you and give you advice,鈥 he added.

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