Danna Paola reveals the reason why she decided to move away from reggaeton on her new album – El Diario NY

Danna Paola reveals the reason why she decided to move away from reggaeton on her new album – El Diario NY

Danna Paola has officially become danna. And thanks to the recent release of the Mexican’s new album, “Childstar”, what the artist herself mentioned some time ago regarding the concept of her recent material has been proven: she has put an end to her past as a child star to give rise to a new artistic era.

As proof of the above, danna has decided to replace the classic pop of his previous works with a couple of new genres, or at least not so used in his career: house and electronic.

This drastic change has also confirmed that the interpreter of “Sodium” does not intend to join the wave of reggaeton or corridos tumbados that floods current music and that other artists have decided to adopt, as he mentioned to the specialized media Variety through an interview.

I think some of my fans are waiting for me to release reggaeton or Latin pop. “I wonder how they’ll react to some of the songs on this record, but I’m really just here for myself right now… I don’t want to disappoint anyone, but I wouldn’t be living my life if I kept following other people’s suggestions.”


Danna Paola posing on a red carpet.
Danna Paola changed her stage name to Danna following her new album.
Credit: Mezcalo

Danna’s story has begun

Through the same interview, the actress also mentioned that “Childstar” is a kind of act of escapism, endowed with party, sex and emotion, which represents the end of one era and the beginning of another.

Danna Paola presenting her album.

However, and despite appealing for liberation as a starting point in this new album, the singer also confessed that another pillar of great importance in the development of “Childstar” was the depression he suffered.

Somehow, reaching my lowest, darkest point, when I was so depressed, made me want to share it with the world. This album is not necessarily the story of my life. It’s a sign that, for me, I’m moving forward.

The song of controversy

After the release of “Childstar”, danna has been involved in a large number of comments and reactions due to a specific song: “PLATONIK”. This song caused some controversy because, as its title says, it would be directed to a woman and the love that the artist felt for her.

Although the singer herself has not mentioned further details on this topic, a large number of fans and followers of the Mexican have pointed out that “PLATONIK” would be dedicated to her co-star in “Elite” Ester Exposito. The above became more relevant when a large number of rumors were revived indicating that the interpreter of “Notoriety” and the Spanish woman had had an affair. So far, the European actress has not mentioned or pointed out anything about it.

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