Dayanara Torres congratulates Jennifer Lopez in ‘Despierta América’

Dayanara Torres congratulates Jennifer Lopez in ‘Despierta América’

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dayanara torres congratulates Jennifer Lopez on ‘Wake up America’ for your happinessworth the redundancy… After more than 20 years of falling into a depressive pit when her husband at the time, Marc Antony, divorced her and after a few months she married the ‘Bronx Diva’, things changed and a lot.

From a guest to the Univision morning show as a presenter, since Karla Martínez is in London doing interviews for the movie ‘Avatar’, to Dayanara had to present a note about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who were looking for their Christmas tree over the weekend.

Like a professional Torres spoke of the happiness of who was once his rival, or the owner of his worst nightmare. After finishing presenting the piece, Raúl González could not contain himself and asked him if he ever imagined that he was going to give news about JLo.

“It’s been 20 years, why not? Today we are all happy”He responded with a huge smile. And they certainly are.or just Jennifer with Ben, also Marc Anthony with Nadia Ferreira with whom it is said that she will marry soon, and she with her partner!

Yes, Let’s remember that Dayanara told the Giselle Blondet Podcast ‘Lo Que No Se Habla’, that she is in a relationship with the former general producer of ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ and ‘Mira Quién Baila’, Marcelo Gammawhom she met on the show when she was a judge, but it was only a year ago that she dared to give herself a chance and today she feels like the happiest woman in the world.

“I see him, he is behind the camera of the show… I was in a process where I decided to be me, to shine again, to be me again, I dared to return to the public eye and without knowing it, he was thereI admire him, I feel protected, I feel encouraged, he pushes me to be better, he goes out of his way for me, ”Dayanara said about the relationship on the Blondet Podcast.

So now the 6 are happy! And he can break the news of Jennifer’s happiness without crying, much less with rancor.


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