Demi Moore and the challenge of appearing without clothes at 61 years old in her new film “The Substance” – El Diario NY

Demi Moore and the challenge of appearing without clothes at 61 years old in her new film “The Substance” – El Diario NY


The actress Demi Moore She never stops taking on challenges in her career as an actress. She has demonstrated this with her new film, “The Substance”, where at 61 years old, she dared to appear unclothed and to play a woman addicted to drugs who goes through an introspective process that leads her to live a somewhat supernatural experience.

During a press conference given by the cast of the film at the Cannes Film Festival, Demi acknowledged that the process of this feature film was for her “vulnerable experience” She also talked about having to get naked on camera at her age and how good it was to share everything with Margaret Qualley, who played the young version of her character on screen.

“The level of vulnerability and rawness that was needed to tell the story was very clear,” Moore said. “It was a very vulnerable experience that required a lot of sensitivity and a lot of conversation about what we were trying to achieve.”he continued.

In the film, Bruce Willis’ ex-wife plays a fading celebrity who uses a black market drug. It is a cell replication device that ends up creating a younger and better version of itself (Margaret Qualley). From this she not only must share a space with this new creature, but she has to spend half of her time in a dormant state so that the other can thrive.

During one of the scenes, where the character of Qualley is forged, Moore spends a lot of time studying his naked body before injecting himself so that his other version can emerge. When the young version of him comes to light, also without any type of clothing on him, he marvels at his new figure, giving the public a display of both of their naked bodies. As the film progresses, Moore becomes terribly disfigured due to the mistreatment inflicted on him by his other half.

“I had a great partner with whom I felt very safe. Obviously, we were very close, sharing naked scenes, but we also had a lot of fun in those moments because of how absurd certain situations were,” she said, referring to Qualley. “Ultimately, it’s about really directing communication and mutual trust,” she added.

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The actress also talked about how she felt when she saw herself disfigured. “It was very strange,” she said of the moment she looked in the mirror after being fitted with the prosthetics, which included blood, knocked out teeth, nails and other atrocities. “Something that helped me accept that image is that my dog ​​kept recognizing me. It was the link that made me come into contact with reality,” she added a little with a laugh.

The screening of the feature film in Cannes was a complete success. The audience went crazy with the premiere of “The Substance” and gave the cast and the story an 11-minute standing ovation, the longest of the festival to date. The film is filled with metaphors about women in Hollywood, the cruelty of age, and the repercussions of self-hatred.

The cast of The Substance, a film directed by French director Coralie Forgeat, is completed by Dennis Quaid, Hugo Diego García, Phillip Schurer and Joseph Balderrama.

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