Demi Rose takes off her yellow bikini top to sunbathe on the beach and yes, she was tiny like the song says

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face down pose DemiRose in a publication of three photographs in which he appears sunbathing. The bikini is yellow, it does not have polka dots, as the song says, but it is tiny fair, fair. And, yes, Demi Rose also took off her bikini bra and took a sunbath. The camera captured how only a yellow dental floss adorned her booty in the golden sand. But making the song of The Sacados, this one well receives the description: 鈥淎 bikini鈥 tiny yellow, fair-fair, that everything let show鈥︹

Days before, and alluding to another musical theme, Demi Rose was seen naked and has generated burning sensations, because that is how she was seen on Instagram. And it seems that she agrees with the Guatemalan, when he says: 鈥nakedthat there will be no design that fits you better than that of your skin adjusted to your figure. Naked, that there is no naive who wears a flower. It would be like covering her beauty.鈥

And watch out, she actually bathed naked on Instagram, because in the first image she takes off her bra, and then opens the panties below. Keep clicking on the little arrow in the photo, so you will have the complete sequence and if you like, even play Arjona鈥檚 song above.

And so many other songs can be applied to Demi Rose鈥檚 sexy posts, one is 鈥淢ini skirt鈥 of Juanes and Greeicy. And how the song says: 鈥淪he put on the miniskirt (Oh). The one she liked so much. The one that was no longer worn, because he wouldn鈥檛 let her.鈥

And how can we forget about the famous: 鈥淪ky Balloons鈥 by Pedro Suarez Vertiz. And many of Demi Rose鈥檚 images, if not all of them can be used to illustrate this erotic song. The theme itself recounts how a boy approaches a woman he likes, and of course, what he is most attracted to are what he calls 鈥渟ky balloons鈥:

鈥淗ello, did you come alone? Or are you just passing by? How strange your clothes, I think you鈥檙e not from around here. How beautiful, how beautiful are your breasts. I look at them and I get poisoned, but you don鈥檛 speak my language, you just tell me: 鈥淚 don鈥檛 understand anything, but there is a feeling鈥. I stretch your shirt and I see that my attempt has no impediment鈥︹

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