‘Despierta América’ says that Francisca will do what few people would dare to do

‘Despierta América’ says that Francisca will do what few people would dare to do

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‘Despierta América’ made a post on her Instagram account that aroused the curiosity of viewers of the Univision morning show and has to do with Francisca, the presenter of Dominican origin.

“This Monday Francisca will do something that few people would dare to do live”, they wrote in an image they shared on their Instagram account.

This announcement made by the program generated comments from viewers of the program. These are some of the messages they left in the publication of the Univision morning show: “She will show her natural hair at last”, “Once again, FRANCISCA, you will teach me about what? IF YOU CAN” “This is how they choose you because of your strength and great capacity for challenges”, “I think the hair will loosen up with its natural curl”“We are waiting for you my fran always up your courage”, “Don’t let it be one more tear please” and “She is going to show off her natural hair!!! And she seems perfect to me, she does not need to be liked by anyone to be who she wants to be !!! ”.

Many of the comments have to do with the natural hair of the television presenter of Dominican origin. His followers expect him to show it natural.

A few days ago Francisca had a great moment on the show when she received a visit from actress Zoe Saldaña: “Wherever I go I am my mother’s daughter and my grandmother’s granddaughter. At all times. I am representing the legacy of the matriarchs who brought me here today, period. I also come from a very simple family, but very rich in education, culture, and class, and that is always what I maintain,” Zoe Saldaña told her as she hugged her in the dressing room.

“The moment went viral because it is a very inspiring moment and I love to see in the comments on social networks that everyone repeats Zoe’s words, that we really all represent a legacy, we represent our families and we must always carry that aloft. She made me want to be a better person and I feel very proud of where I come from because she reminded me of that. So Zoe, thank you for your humility and for inspiring us all,” said Zoe Saldaña after the actress’s visit.

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